door styles

Choose a style that fits your home & taste

Cabinetry has the ability to create an impact on both design and functionality. Choosing the right cabinet door style can drastically change the look and feel of your space. Deciding what to choose doesn’t have to be stressful! We’ll help you find the style that best suits you and your home.

The options are endless. Choose from detailed and ornate traditional style doors, simple yet distinct transitional style, or sleek modern, flat-panel doors. Chances are, whatever design and inspiration you have imagined, we can create for you. 


Sometimes considered European style, slab or flat panel, this style of cabinet doors do not have a face frame and are directly attached to the cabinet sides. The simplicity of form and lack of visible hardware or embellishments offers a sleeker, more compact look that can be seamlessly incorporated into any space. Modern cabinets can be made with a variety of different wood species, veneers, high gloss, matte or textured woodgrain TFL to fit your style and budget.


Not quite modern, not quite traditional. Transitional style cabinets offer just the right balance of both styles to create a space that is simple, yet attractive. Sometimes referred to as shaker, it features a flat recessed panel and plain overlay around the edge that is adaptable to any design style. Compared to traditional doors, shaker style has no decorative carving or raising in either the panel or the overlay. 

Typical white shaker not for you? Choose from a variety of different painted/stained wood species, veneers, high gloss, matte or textured woodgrain TFL achieve a one-of-a-kind look in your home.


Traditional doors, usually more formal in design, display contoured profiles, detailed frame work and decorative moldings. They are made up of a center panel and an outer rim or overlay. The center panel is carved or raised in the middle, and then slopes backward to the edges. The overlay around the panel is generally grooved or has some type of decorative edge on the interior and exterior. Raised-panel doors with ornate detail and decorative trim work make any space feel more warm and cozy.

The classic look of traditional cabinets will never go out of style. Choose your wood species, door detail design and paint/stain color to create a unique and inviting space.