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Cabinets are essential. We use them on a daily basis in order to stay organized and put together. They’re used everywhere from our kitchen and bathrooms to retail space and medical offices. Most don’t realize that cabinetry is such an important part of our lives. With such a wide need for them, it’s no surprise that they’re so readily available. But all cabinets are not created equal and can drastically differ in quality and price. Cabinet companies that claim to offer custom products with an attractive price often end up using low-quality, ready-to-assemble cabinetry from third-party manufacturers. At Elite Cabinets, we understand that one design does not fit all and that you don’t need to sacrifice your budget for quality, custom cabinetry. Choosing custom cabinets not only serves as a unique feature in your home, you also have the freedom to design a space that meets your needs by giving you the functionality that other basic cabinet shops can’t provide with standard sizing options and limited design styles. 

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Custom means more options, more styles and more choices available to you. Elite Cabinets offers virtually every material, door style and finish available. Our facility is equipped to manufacture all kinds of material used in millwork, from natural woods, veneered panels, textured finishes to high gloss acrylic. Each cabinet we make is built for longevity We offer a diverse product line of top-quality materials that look great and will last for years to come. Our team will listen, design and create cabinetry that meets your needs, expectations and budget. Trust us to help you find the perfect style, material and finish to deliver beautiful, custom built cabinetry made specifically for you!

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